Uniting North

City Living, Village Style

1. Vision
  • Developing emerging leaders   

  • Beginning a church plant movement along the growth corridor of the Northern Gold Coast.


2. Our Mission
  • Putting Discipleship and Mission back into the hands of everyday people


3. Mission Statement
  • Follow Jesus; teach others to follow Jesus (John 13:15)


4. Mission Plan


  1. Build personal discipleship: Nurturing personal spirituality and relationship to God is the foundation of mission. Developing a discipleship and mission culture that is process driven rather than program driven.                              

  2. Multiply Missional Leaders: Leaders who reproduce. The natural outgrowth for any disciple of Jesus is the life of a missionary. You simply can’t be a missionary if you’re not a disciple first and foremost. It’s impossible.                              

  3. Plant Missional Communities (villages): Planting mid-sized groups that reach and disciple people in neighbourhoods and relational networks.                                                   Creating sustainability and scalability.                                      

  4. Lead Kingdom Movements: Kingdom Movements are a series of Movements that form a larger whole that is the Kingdom of God. Lots of people doing lots of things. Going to places where God is already at work.                                 If you make disciples you will grow the church.                     If you make disciples who can make disciples you will build a Movement.

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