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October 11, 2018

October Series: ‘Hands On’

Hands-on learning is learning by doing. 


Mission: Putting Discipleship and Mission back into the hands of everyday people.

Mission Statement: Follow Jesus; teach others to follow Jesus (John 13:15).


When you have teachers saying, “I don't have enough time for hands-on activities.”

We need to re-think the way we do education. (Mae Jemison)


When you have Christians saying, “I don’t have enough time for hands-on discipleship or mission activities,” we need to rethink the way we do church!


A couple of years ago now, Andrew Grant (Chairperson of our Church Council), a teacher by profession, explained to me the concept of the “flipped classroom.”


The idea that instead of learning about a topic in class and then practicing the topic at home (homework), students learn about a topic at home, via a clever and sometimes interactive video, and then practice (hands on) the new learned technique in class, with other learners and facilitators (teachers) to guide the process. Genius!


The slowest students can learn at their own pace, the faster students can also get on with using the knowledge quicker.


To quote ‘Hot Chocolate’ – “Everyone’s a winner.”


The “Flipped classroom” may be a huge change from the well established methods of learning in our schools, but it is by no means new in terms of education.


At the conclusion of the sermon Jesus taught on the Mount, people were moved by the fact that Jesus didn’t teach like their other teachers—specifically the Scribes.


Most teachers, whether modern or contemporaries of Jesus, define themselves according to their setting and audience.


For example, when asked, “Where do you teach?” the common response is to name a location.


“What do you teach?” The teacher typically responds with either a subject or a demographic answer.


No one was responding with, “I teach from the hull of a ship, in the mountains, or in the middle of a lake during storms.”


It’s hard to imagine a place where Jesus wouldn’t (or didn’t) teach.


Anywhere there was someone willing to listen Jesus would turn it into a learning opportunity.


Jesus was, and is, a ‘hands on’ teacher. 


He didn’t pack His disciples off to seminary for three years; it was on the job training.

Jesus mission wasn’t education.


What He did was take a group of very average, some might say below average, men, and travelled across the countryside teaching them how to change everything they encountered and touched.


Think of it this way. He was showing twelve guys and a crew of persistent women what it looked like, and how to practice being good news to all.


So here’s the thing, what ‘hands on’ experience are you gaining from Jesus right now?


Think about it, ‘Church’ is possibly the last place on earth Jesus would use or choose as a classroom.


If you’re using or choosing Church as your main source of learning and spiritual experience for you and your family, please RETHINK!!!





What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?




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